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» The CD Business Card has become very popular recently as people have discovered its power as a marketing tool. The unique shape of the CD offers real ‘WOW’ factor, and differentiates your materials from traditional brochures, handouts, standard CDROMs, etc. And the CD Business Card has a viral effect— people love to pass the CDs around and show them to friends, family and colleagues. Everyone that uses your CD is right where you want them --viewing your presentation and linking to your Web site...Do your current marketing pieces get that type of response?

CD Design

The CD Rom Business Card-REPLICATION

Measurements: 80 mm long 58 mm wide
(3-3/16" x 2-1/4") and is 1/16" thick.

Storage capacity: 32-50MB

Standard version: 38-40 MByte storage capacity

Use: for larger amounts with mass production

Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks depending on the amount after data input transferred and tested

Shape: rounded at both narrow sides. Specialty shapes available at no extra charge if templates are used.

Print: All of our replicated disks are done OFFSET. They look the Best!..NO..moires and NO screen patterns. Up to 5 color screen print, must indicate white if using as a background. Using white as one of your colors really adds punch and pizzazz to your existing colors.

Basic CD color: silver

Everything you ever wanted to know about the CD Card but were afraid to ask.

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