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» Welcome to the most innovative and creative way to set your company apart from your competition! The CD Rom Business Card is approximately the same size as your current business card, yet holds up to 50 MB of multimedia information. This allows for a presentation containing creative, interactive, and multimedia rich content which will play in any computer tray CD-ROM drive. Best of all....it fits right in your pocket

CD Design

Having trouble attracting
customers to your website?
NOT ANYMORE! Our staff
of creative professionals
will design a unique

multimedia presentation to
match your companies

CD Replication

We have the HIGHEST
QUALITY of Silkscreen
capacity around.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

CD Recordables

Imagine creating your own
presentation or a presentation
for your clients and burning
your own CD's on the fly!
Each recordable CD can hold
any variation of audio, video,
PDF files, demos...you name it,
you burn it!

CD Presentations

How about a full FLASH
website or presentation to
try out for FREE! We have
preset presentations in
an array of different

occupations, just to suit
your needs...Real Estate
Medical, Digital, Business,

Design... you name it,
we got it!

Why Not Try it Today!

Replicated CD

We can deliver your complete, replicated discs within 48 HOURS!

Unheard of?.........Nah......
We can do it

Recordable CD

With new recordables available, you can create and customize your own versions of this powerful new marketing tool in your home or office today!

Just made for those companies who want to try out the mind-blowing effect these HOT new marketing tools can have! A dozen recordable cd's included along with some cool FREE software!

» We are here to help! If it is a powerpoint presentation you are looking for, or a really cool flash site or, promotion or something even more spectacular including some video, our team of talented designers and programmers can put together the works for you...on time and on budget!

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