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» The Shaped Mini CD ROM Business Card industry has enjoyed rapid growth worldwide due to the ability of a CD Business Card to play in almost every computer with a CD tray or lap top spindle. CD Business Cards can be programmed with multimedia, video, pictures, graphics, text, and with the click of the mouse can link to a companies web site. They can also be easily carried in a pocket or purse and even mailed using standard postage and packaging.

CD Design

What can you burn on these?...

Whatever You Can Think Of!

  • Brochures • Catalogs
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Interactive Multimedia Sales Presentations
  • Owners' Manuals
  • Product Information • Data Sheets
  • Video Tours and Clips
  • Magazines, Newsletters
  • Software Demos
  • Annual Reports
  • Press Kits, Media Kits
  • New Product Releases
  • Web Pages • Entire websites
  • Customer Order Forms
  • Direct Mail
  • Portfolios
  • Infomercials
  • Event Guides
  • Audio Singles
  • Game Demos, etc....
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