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What is the size of the card?
The card measures 58mm x 80mm in diameter. Approx. 3-3/16" x 2-1/4" and is 1/16" thick.

How much information does the card hold?
The CD Business Card holds approx. 32-50 MB. To translate that into data, it breaks down like this: a total of 1-4 minutes of video. (depending on the quality and size of the video itself), a 40 minute powerpoint presentation, 10,000 pages of Black and white 8-1/2" x 11" text, 1,000 web pages with pictures.

Why the variation in time of content?
It depends on content and what the client desires and in what format the information is presented. The minimum time is based on full video e.g. a movie clip or TV commercial. The maximum time is based on interactive presentation in Flash.

What kind of art is on the front of the cards?
This is a silk-screen process and includes up to four colors plus white. White ink is used as a "base" to give your other colors as much "punch" as possible.

What information do I need to get started?
You can submit material in virtually any format. From as little information as "here is my current business card and my brochure", to as much as "here is my art in Photoshop and my complete video in Shockwave." We'll take it anyway you would like to give it to us.

I want to produce my own content "in house". What do I need?
The cover art needs to be supplied with PMS colors in an .EPS file with its native file and a copy of all fonts. This may be placed on a CD-R or a zip. A full color print also needs to be supplied. We can supply you with the template for layout and position. The content must have an auto-run program so that the CD card will play automatically. It also must have the programming included for ease of playback. The content must be on a CD-R disk or zip disk. We will test the CD-R before manufacturing to ensure quality playback. All of these requirements must be met for you to receive the standard pricing and turnaround times. Any alterations that need to be done, will be billed out at $85.00 an hour.

Are these disks cross-platform?
Generally speaking this card is for the PC. But it all comes down to how the content is programmed. If the PC has a CD-Rom drive (tray), or laptop and Windows 95, 98 or NT, it will work. We can also customize for macintosh computers, but it entails additional programming. Please ask for separate quote.

What is the lead-time?
Lead times will vary depending on workload when your project is scheduled, and the extent of your completed master. If a completed master is received along with artwork for the front silk screen, you can expect normal turnaround: 10-15 days. But, we can get it to you within 24 hours if need be. We are experts at Quick Turnaround.

Are the cards scratch resistant?
Yes. The same is true with most CDs.

How long does the design process take?
This depends on how much material is supplied and the general workload in-house. Generally speaking, the entire design process will take two to three weeks. This includes various steps along the way with proofs. Time will vary depending on the complexity of your specific project.

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