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» The Most Powerful Marketing and Sales Tools Available That You Can Build Yourself! For the first time in history, there is an irreversible flood of new and exciting technology that is allowing businesses of all sizes to create incredible and cost effective marketing, advertising and sales tools.

With the retail release of the Do-it-yourself CD Business Card Kit, companies and individuals now have the opportunity to affordably create their own Mini-CD Business Cards in qtys. of 1 (one) and up.

The Shaped Mini CD ROM Business Card industry has enjoyed rapid growth worldwide due to the ability of a CD Business Card to play in almost every computer with a CD tray or lap top spindle. CD Business Cards can be programmed with multimedia, video, pictures, graphics, text, and with the click of the mouse can link to a companies web site. They can also be easily carried in a pocket or purse and even mailed using standard postage and packaging.

CD Design

Once you have purchased your starter kit,
additional CD-R's, sleeves and labels are
available in packs of 10, 25, 50 and 100.

CD Presentations
What do you burn on these? We have an array of different presentations to choose from. We have chosen some of the BEST partners in the biz to help you accomplish your professional looking presentations. All can be done within about an hour! All fields of business are represented here: Medical, Dental, Real Estate, Internet, Design...there are themes to fit EVERYONE!


» There are two CD Business Card Kits available. One contains a supply of 12 mini writable CD Business Cards measuring 2.5 inches x 3.125 inches with a 50 Megabyte writable storage capacity, 16 self adhesive glossy printable labels for the front of the CD's, and simple to use custom label creation software with an internal database. The kit also contains tips on creating your own CD Business Cards as well as a demonstration of multimedia that can be created with off-the-shelf products.

The other one is a true STARTER KIT which contains 6 mini writable CD Business Cards, high quality sleeves, glossy 1440 DPI labels, 30 Custom Powerpoint Templates, printing templates in a variety of programs for both PC and Mac and a few FREE labeling and design demos to try out.


ANYTHING can be recorded on these little guys! What are you waiting for? Give it a try Today!
50 MB
(6) Card Kit
$29.99 U.S.
(Originally $39.99)

These card kits come with 12 recordable 50MB CD's, 16 labels to print your own fronts. (Can be used on any laser or inkjet printer, and some label creation software so you can create your own unique labels.
CD Business Card Kit
50 MB
(12) Card Kit
$89.99 U.S.
(Originally $129.99)

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