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» With new recordables available, you can create and customize your own versions of this powerful new marketing tool in your home or office! Imagine creating your own presentation or a presentation for your clients and burning your own CD's on the fly! Each recordable CD can hold any variation of audio, video, PDF files, demos...you name it, you burn it!

CD Design
Software Requirements

We recommend using either Adaptec Easy CD Creator Deluxe V3.5 or higher or Adaptec Toast V3.5.2. Many other CD writing utilities are available and will work, though we do not guarantee it. These two seem to work the best and with few problems.


For best recording we recommend a write speed of 1x. Some drives will record at 2x or 4x speed. The recommended settings are: Joliet File System, Mode 1 (CD-ROM); Optimization: Reorder to maximize usable disc space; and write speed: 1x, closed session and leave the disc open (so it will record to the very end of the card). When recording, if you limit the recording to fit the space available on the card (closed session, auto stop), it will stop recording after 9 mb. If you don't set this limit (open session, no stop), the recorder will continue to try and record even past the end of the recordable area. If you limit your files to 42mb, they will all be recorded on the card. Once recorded, they can play on any CD-ROM drive.


Hardware Requirements
  • According to our study of compatibility, these cards can be used with the following CD-R drives: Teac, Compro, Acer, Toshiba, Mitsumi, Ricoh, Sony, Matsushita, Panasonic, Plextor, Hewlett-Packard, Caravelle and Philips. However, if you plan to purchase a drive to record on these cards, we recommend the Ricoh MP-6200S (external) with the Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card.

    The following Yamaha CD-R drives will NOT record on this card:
  • CDR400TIPC Internal CD-R with SCSI Interface for Windows, 6x read/4x write;
  • CDR400TXPM External CD-R for Windows or Mac, 6x read/4x write;
  • CRW2216E Internal E-IDE CD-RW, 16x read/2x write/2x rewrite;
  • CRW2260TIPC Internal CD-RW, 6x read/2x write/2x rewrite;
  • CRW4001TIPC Internal E-IDE CD-RW, 6x read/4x write/2x rewrite;
  • CRW4260TIPC Internal CD-RW Media, 6x read/4x write/2x rewrite;
  • CRW4260TXPM External CD-RW, 6x read/4x write/2x rewrite;
  • CRW4261TIPC Internal CD-RW, 6x read/4x write/2x rewrite;
  • CRW4416EZ Internal E-IDE CD-RW, 16x read/4x write/4x rewrite;
  • CRW4416S Internal SCSI-2 CD-RW, 16x read/4x write/4x rewrite;
  • CRW4416SXZ External SCSI-2 CD-RW, 16x read/4x write/4x rewrite.
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